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Hands that create dreams and draw hope. Hands painting smiles and plant good feelings in the heart of our children. Small drops of dedication that form an entire ocean of love: so it is the action Notebooks for Africa. The initiative was born in the heart of the volunteer Ana Lucia Caetano and came to...
It is estimated that 1600 people in Brazil live with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare, non-contagious, severe, and incurable genetic disease. Children that are born with EB are affectionately called butterflies, as a comparison of their skin’s fragility with the wings of butterflies. To have a minimum quality of life, the patients need ointments, gels,...
A beautiful report from a volunteer, touched by meeting again a child and her mother, both completely different and recovered, 1 year later, in Madagascar. Another report that proves that her act of love makes difference. Another report that proves that working on fraternity is always worthwhile. “Here we are in Ambovombe, Madagascar, another humanitarian...
Combining union and the investment of R$500 thousand, they built the “Fraternity City” and 100 families are no longer going to suffer from hunger, have access to clean water and produce Facing one of the worst humanitarian crisis of the planet, in Sub-Saharan Africa, a small city is born, with houses, land for sustainable cultivation,...


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