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God has permitted us to find Pedro during the humanitarian health mission assistance in Mozambique, this Sunday (8). This time, at the “April 7th” community center opening. Pedro is 1 year and 4 months old, he is HIV positive and suffers from severe malnutrition. The virus was contracted through maternal breastfeeding. The mother, young and...
“I feel glad to be part of this chain of love. I remember the teachings from Jesus expressed by the parable of the Samaritan that reflects exactly the activities and the proposal of experiencing fraternity without any borders, geographical, religious, gender-related, social or racial. I sometimes feel like that person who reaches out to those...
“This humanitarian feeling that Fraternity offers is what touches us the most. It’s an act of love, not a sociological act, it’s not an activity for saving from hunger, it’s an activity for dignifying human creatures through example.”. We are very grateful for Divaldo Franco’s presence in Fraternity Without Border’s movement. Master in the art...
“FWB has no ideological, social, religious or geographical borders and I think that is extraordinary. Where is Fraternity Without Borders at? They are where people require, where there is need. And that fascinated me since the beginning and that’s why I got involved, I felt my heart tied to this ideal.” Sister Aíla Pinheiro has...


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