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“My journey to Africa was certainly one of the most incredible and intense experience that I have ever had. Only after I met, received the hugs and the gratitude from the people there, I could understand the importance of this project to them. Undoubtedly, FWB changes their world. width=”960”] Alok e a vovó Amélia[/caption] Fraternity...
  On an arid soil and under a lot of heat, the Mozambican women walk for miles in search of water. Resilient, they travel the way back carrying gallons of up to 30 liters on their head – every day. This is a reality for many villages in Mozambique. Canhane, located in the Massingir district,...
The cause of the children with microcephaly in northeastern Brazil started with the work of the doctor and researcher, Adriana Mello – pHd in women ‘s health and fetal health specialist. For 20 years she has been performing ultrasound in pregnant women and since 2005 she has been doing research. In October of 2015, when...


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