Support House Openning

We opened the second Garden of Butterflies Pole Project. A support house is located in São Paulo, Located in Lapa, at Corrientes Street, n° 239. The place will make available free support to patients containing bullosis epidermolysis.

Currently, the project supported by the Fraternity without Boders supports over 110 butterflies and with a new space will be easier to perfor somes exames and also for being in a metropolis the resources are more acessible in order to perform some exames and treatments.

And with a new support pole, the maintenance needs to be constant for being able to remain with open doors. Due to that fact, the Project is looking for new parternship in São Paulo State. In case you know someone that wants to contribute with our fraternity cause, we ask you to please enter in contact with the Garden of Butterflies Project, Aline Teixeira, at (77) 8815-2565.

Walk by EB Awareness


In October 29, at Villa Lobos park, in São Paulo, the “Dress My Skin” was performed, in allusion to the month of the epidermolysis bullosis. Dozens of Families walked in prol of the quality of life from the butterflies from the entire Brazil, so that all of them have assistence more properly.

Expo Entrepreneur in São Paulo

The Garden of Butterflies Project had the opportunity to participate on the Expo Entrepreneur in São Paulo. The event had as goal creating new business possibilities. Na stand became available in order to gather donations and disclosures from the organization, besides new chances for stablishing partnerships. Some itens were available such as mugs, keychains, t-shirts, towels, caps and diaries. In order to approach who participated on the fair and make aware people from the epidermolysis bullosa, the Garden Team visited other stands.

5 new butterflies were welcomed on the project.

In September, the Garden of Butterflies were able to welcome more 5 patients, due to the sponsorships and donations. The welcomed were from Amazonas, Paraíba, Pernambuco and Maranhão states. The children are already under treatment and also receiving all needed support in order to have a life containing more quality and comfort. Thank you sponsors for turning it into a reality.

Psychological follow-up

Mental health care is part of most treatments and this is also a concern of the coordination from the Garden of Butterflies to offer that to those welcomed by the project. Along with the families, they have access to these services and this has transformed their lives. With care, affection, love and fraternity, we are overcoming one obstacle at a time!


Birthday Donation

The fraternal friend, Gabriela, with the intention of celebrating her birthday in a different way, donated more than 20 thousand reais to the Garden of Butterflies Project. Instead of asking for presents, Gabriela asked the party guests to make donations to the Project. Too beautiful attitude, huh? Thank you, Gabriela! ❤️


Supplement Collection

The stock of food supplementation of our guests is almost zero. They do daily use of various supplements and some of them cost $150 BRL. Do you want to see how the supplementation is that important? On July 27th, Vânia started the nutritional monitoring. She needed it because she was weighing 33 kg, diagnosed with malnutrition. Today, three months later, she weighs 40 kg, but we still have a long way to go until she reaches the ideal weight for her age, which is based on 48 years old. We are on this chain so that our butterflies don't miss anything. We are all together in this chain of fraternity. Gratitude for everything!!


“I am Dai, I amm 29 years old and I was welcomed by Garden of Butterflies

five years ago. I am very grateful for my development and improvement through the care the project has given me. I am very happy with all the achievements, from the small until the big ones, and I am much happier with this new achievement, which is the support house. I confess that I am extremely happy, as I am sure it will bring many benefits to the assisted ones and help even more butterflies with all the support that the support house is going to provide”.

Daiane Cruz Santos Assisted from Jequié – BA