Village Hope Caravan

The Portraits of Hope Project received another caravan in Vila Esperança, in Canudos – BA, for medical & dental care, educational activities for children, delivered basic food baskets to families and continued the Geodesy Project (domes or geodesic spheres are safe structures for children´s plays) started in the last caravan.


Fun and professional activities

Our children and teenagers are having the opportunity to learn to take pictures, and the coolest thing about all of this is that they are able to use a professional camera. In order to involve the entire community, we included the most elderly, and we also promoted Cine Esperança in Alto Alegre community, which is 52 km Jacobina city -BA. Check the records! <3

Old Village Hope Museum

In Canudos, in the interior of Bahia, all the suffering that the community of Vila Esperança went through is in the past. As a form of gratitude, they made a beautiful space, as if it was a museum, inside one of the small mud houses in the village, and inside of each one they placed souvenirs of all those who, through fraternity, provided the transformation of the place.

Housing, food and education

We have updates on the advances achieved in the Bahia wilderness, thanks to your sponsorship. Copunting all of the houses, we have already built 28. We were also able to guarantee tutoring for our children. In Vila Esperança, in our community kitchen, we manage to make more than 140 meals daily and with the Community Vegetable Garden, we complement the food.
For everything, our gratitude!


Access to drinking water

When we think of the wilderness, dry weather immediately comes to mind. In Vila Esperança, residents had access to only 20 liters of drinking water per month and in order to get to this water, they had to walk for about 6 km. Today, with the support of several hearts that have joined together in this cause of fraternity, water consumption has increased to 40 liters per day.


"When I recognized myself, my father and mother lived in a mud house.

There were times when we were starving, when my father came and said to us: ‘my children, today I have nothing to give you, we are going to accept it, ask God that one day our lives will get better’. What I have been through, I do not want to go through anymore. I want to have joy, peace and happiness.” Neidona, welcomed by the Portraits of Hope Project..