Whenever a migratory crisis knocks on your door, we have got two options: closing the borders or openning our hearts.

The Fraternity without Borders, via the Brazil Project, a Heart that Welcomes, welcomes everyone to shelter refugee and immigrants Venezuelans people and, together, launch to the world a message of peace.

We reached out at the border between Brazil and Venezuela in October of 2017 and, with the help of volunteers, staff, sponsors, we built our first Sheltering Center, where the families started having meals, health service orientation, psychosocial  support, education, portuguese classes and still, as the entire process´ protagonists, also started sharing responsibilities at the Sheltering Centers. 

Nowadays, we enlarged our acting areas thanks to the sponsoring service and to many partnerships we got through the process. We are responsible for 3 Sheltering Centers: Pricumã, Jardim Floresta and 13 de Setembro, we have one internalization department and 1 training and referral center, in Pacaraima, at the border between Brazil and Venezuela. Overall, we have 5 work fronts, over 2 thousand work fronts, welcomed and over 1 thousand qualified, all years, to the brazilian work market.

Roraima is a very small state for so many restarts. With that being said, hundreds of families are awaiting for help via new possibilities in other brazilian cities.

From October 2017 to December 2021, 1,500 Venezuelans refugees and immigrants were internalized by the Brazil Project, a Heart that Welcomes.

This means that these people were taken to other Brazilian states, voluntarily, based on two principles: Roraima is the smallest Brazilian state and there is no way to effectively serve everyone, with health, education and employment; and the fact that the migration crisis is a humanitarian crisis the entire country is responsible for.

But we still need to go further and the heart is our strength.

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We are now more sustainable

A humanitarian crisis in the heart of the Amazon generates major impacts. Since 2021 we do our part in response.

Since 2017 - 1500 Interiorizations.

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"What Kind of Human Being Do We Want to Be?"

A reflection by FSF founder and president Wagner Moura on the immigration crisis and the borders of the heart.


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