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Sister Aíla Pinheiro supports the cause of FWB

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“FWB has no ideological, social, religious or geographical borders and I think that is extraordinary. Where is Fraternity Without Borders at? They are where people require, where there is need. And that fascinated me since the beginning and that’s why I got involved, I felt my heart tied to this ideal.”

Sister Aíla Pinheiro has found her heart in love with Fraternity’s cause since the beginning. The calling to support arouse when she realized the main ideal of FWB: to live and to do good as one universal family, without caring about religion, geography, ethnicity or anything else.
“I feel my heart tied since the beginning”, she stated.”

Active and frequent partner at all great events held by the NGO, the sister says that she has seen herself completely engaged since the day she met the president and founder of Fraternity, Wagner Moura “Since the first time I met Wagner’s work in Campo Grande and I had the opportunity to get to know this dream dreamed by him and all the great ideals he carries with him, the title Fraternity Without Borders made total sense to me.

Watch Sister Aíla’s full lecture at the II Fraternity Without Borders’ Congress