Members of the Campo Grande
rhub receive professional training


The Fraternity in the Streets project, in partnership with the Soul Clinic, in Campo Grande/MS, promotes workshops for the residents. In the computer assembly and disassembly workshop, there are 16 students, 13 men and 3 women. In 2022, they had the theoretical classes and now the practical ones. They are responsible for the installation and regular maintenance of the machines.

They are also learning how to make panettones and chocottones (chocolate chips panettones). In addition, 10 women and one man are learning how to reuse grains, fruits, and vegetables. They also learned how to make doughnuts. This opportunity offers new horizons and possibilities to our brothers and sisters who overcome day after day.



Fun for the kids

Volunteers from Fraternity on the Street in São Paulo went to the Promised Land community, located in the Parque Paulistano neighborhood in the far east of the city of São Paulo, to distribute sandwiches, soft drinks, juices, chocolate boxes, popsicles, and souvenirs to the children. The children also received face painting.


Coffee through the streets of Uberlandia

The Fraternity on the Street project in Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, Brazil, distributes an average of 250 breakfast kits to the homeless on the streets of the city every Sunday. The kits contain cakes, bread, cookies, chocolate milk, juice, and coffee. The distribution starts at the Praça da Bíblia (Bible Square - Uberlandia bus terminal), passing through more squares and going on to the Tibery neighborhood.


Fraternity in BrooklinFest

The Fraternity on the Street project, São Paulo branch, was present at Brooklinfest. At the event, food, and items from FWB's Gift Center were offered with the aim of raising funds for the Fraternity on the Street project. BrooklinFest is a party organized by the Association of Business Owners and Residents of Brooklin, a neighborhood located in the southern part of São Paulo. It is an event in favor of citizenship and attracts thousands of tourists. It brings together crafts, music, and art in general.


Lunch in Las Vegas

For the last month, the Fraternity on the Streets team in Las Vegas delivered, every two weeks, spaghetti with Bolognese sauce, juice, dessert, coffee, and cookie to our brothers and sisters who live on the streets in the US city. Now in March, the action is being held every

Christmas Celebrations

The Fraternity on the Street project centers were in full swing during the Christmas period. In Uberlandia, volunteers collected food for the Solidarity Christmas dinner at Pão de Açúcar, held by Fraternity on the Street in Uberlandia and the Volunteer Group of São Paulo. A total of 100 kg of food was collected. The action was part of the Pão de Açúcar Solidarity campaign, in which the Minas Gerais office participated for a year and a half. The Rio de Janeiro office prepared a Christmas party for 200 people. Each person participated in a special lunch, complete with dessert, soft drinks, and a personal hygiene kit. The event was attended by the Brazilian Red Cross.


Reading Corner

At the Clinic of the Soul in Campo Grande/MS, more specifically at the farm where the men are staying, a reading corner is being prepared for the children who also live there. The idea is that it will be a playful space, with wood carved in the shape of pencils, with many colors and with the little ones' hands drawn all over. 10 boys and girls are contributing to the painting of the place.

"I thank God and the project

that didn't let me sink again in this mud, that 7 months ago I found myself in a street situation, in the center of Rio de Janeiro. I would like to give you all a big hug, and many blessings. Thank you! This work cannot stop."

Leandro Tavares da Silva - Sheltered by Fraternity in the Street, Rio de Janeiro pole