Pastor Milton's visit at the construction of the
second unit of the Soul Clinic

On June 16th we received the visit of Pastor Milton and Pastor Janete, we had a meeting with the volunteers at the project’s headquarters and then we went to the farm where the second unit of the Clinic of the Soul is being built, in Uberlândia-MG. 

 The land was donated for the construction of the second unit of the Clinic of the Soul, we also received the donation of the architectural project and started the construction of the first phase in April, which consists of the first house where we can start receiving our drug abusers brothers and sisters and receiving the care of the Clinic of the Soul’s team that will come from Campo Grande/MS.

 Thanks to donations and sponsorships, the walls have already been built and now we need to intensify our requests for help to continue the work, because there is still a lot to be done.



São Paulo/Brazil pole:
Finishing Carol's house

Caroline arrived at the project about a year and a half ago, at the request of Father Julio Lancellotti. During the last weekends of May, project volunteers got together to prepare the new house where she would live. From painting the walls to arranging the furniture, everything was done with a lot of unity and affection from fraternal hands. Carol, like her children, returned to her studies and could see a new phase in her life! On June 4, Caroline and her children moved into their new home and the volunteers welcomed them with an afternoon coffee and lots of love and happiness.


First year Celebration of RJ Pole

The Fraternity on the Street (FOS) project completed one year of operation. During this time, the project has delivered at least 48,000 meals to homeless people. The Reception Center has been providing medical, social and psychological assistance.


Collecting sweatshirts at SP Pole

Due to the winter weather in São Paulo, the volunteers of FOS-SP continued collecting sweatshirts, socks, gloves, and hats. The donations were delivered to the FWB branch in São Paulo and to Revirar. It is also possible to make donations via Pix.


"I will never forget, I was

handing out food on the street and a girl said, "I don't want any, I have a toothache. She asked me: 'Would you by any chance have some medicine?’. I had an anti-inflammatory in my purse and gave it to her. When I came back the next week, she came and gave me a hug and a smile. The relief she got from the pill was enough for her to spend the night and go the next day for assistance. Our big purpose, is not just to offer a plate of food, a haircut or a service. It is to make them feel touched by us."

Isabel Nascimento - Coordinator of Fraternity on the Street -
Pole Rio de Janeiro/RJ

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