Music Classes

The FWB Orchestra offers violin, cello, and double bass classes at the Danubio Azul Center; violin and classical viola in the Itamaracá neighbourhood; recorder, fife flute, and mini clarinet at the Inápolis Center. Students get a snack between classes thanks to sponsorship, volunteers, donations, and the fraternal pizza action. Thank you very much to all!!

Wind instrument donation

The project was benefited with three more instruments. A company from Campo Grande found out about our project through one of our sponsors and donated two clarinets and a transverse flute to the project. We are delighted with the arrival of more helping hearts and we are sure that it will make all the difference for our children.


"Music moves me in a way that I can't even explain!

I enjoy almost all genres of music, as each one has its own beauty and sonority, but I confess that the music from the Orchestra is one of my favourites. The Fraternity Without Borders Orchestra moves my heart a lot because, in addition to providing lightness to the ears and mind, it provides opportunity for low-income children and adolescents to learn to play instruments, an activity that will help them concentrate, organize, and develop self-esteem, and why not, the possibility of a future profession. I am a sponsor and enthusiast of the Orchestra. During my life, I discovered that 'fraternity has a sound’. Renata Bernardes Leal - Sponsor and Partner of Fraternity Without Borders.
Renata Bernardes Leal - Sponsor and Partner of Fraternity Without Borders