S.O.S Janaína

Over five years ago, the project embraced Janaína. She has Epidermolysis Bullosa and lives in the town of Jequié, in Bahia. Recently, the town was flooded by river waters, which destroyed some houses, including Janaína’s. To support her, the Garden of Butterflies project asked for help from followers and sponsors.


Get to know the Butterfly Support House in São Paulo

The space was inaugurated in August 2022. It has administrative rooms, a medical office, a room for wound dressings, bathrooms, and a hostel which can house 14 people. All the equipment to set up a dental office was donated to the project. At the moment, the House is working on the managenent section and on fundraising, such as one-time donations. The expectation is that it will work like this for a maximum of three months, while waiting for the operating license.


A painless Christmas for the Butterflies

The Garden of Butterflies project is facing a drop in fundraising. This has generated insecurity and instability. To offer a more dignified Christmas for the sheltered children, the project launched the Painless Christmas campaign in December, in search of more sponsors and donations. All the donations were sent together with the Christmas boxes of love, which in addition to medication and bandages, were sent a basic food basket and gifts such as clothes and toys.


"When we talk about fraternity, we talk about dignification.

"I was very touched by a phrase that I heard in the last meeting, from one of the people assisted by the Garden: 'I feel pain every day, every minute, but I love to live. When we talk about fraternity, we talk about dignification. We can give a little bit of quality and dignity to these people.

Sponsor/Godmother of the Garden of Butterflies Project