Diapers and milk for children

The children assisted by the project at the centers of Campina Grande/PB and Belo Horizonte/MG need to use special diapers that do not cause allergies, diaper rash, or urine infection. They also require types of milk that prevent intestinal infections. Suitable diaper brands are Huggies and Baby Care. The milks are: Fortini, Nutren, and Pediasure. On average, 198 packs of diapers and 40 cans of milk are used per month at each center of the project. However, due to the insufficient number of donations it has been difficult to provide  the care needed. The project needs help to offer the right diapers and milk for children. Anyone wishing to donate can deliver to the following locations: Avenida José Cândido da Silveira 398; Store 3, Belo Horizonte/MG, CEP 31170193; or Rua Neuza Borborema de Souza, 297, Campina Grande/PB, CEP 58400-120.


Dental Caravan

From March 6th to the 11th, the Microcephaly, Love without Dimensions Project received the dental caravan in Campina Grande/PB to provide care to those assisted. The caravan resulted from a partnership between Love without Dimensions, IPESQ (Professor Joaquim Amorim Neto Research Institute), and Unifacisa University Center. More than 130 free consultations were carried out.


Rare Disease Day

February 28 was World Rare Disease Awareness Day. Microcephaly is a rare disease with a congenital malformation in which the head of newborns is smaller than expected compared to babies of the same sex and age. The FWB made a post to remind people of this important date.


Campaign for Miguel

Miguel is seven years old; he was born with microcephaly due to the Zika Virus in Parelhas/RN. He currently lives in Campina Grande/PB to facilitate the treatment. Embraced by the project, he needed a custom made postural wheelchair with his body measurements. We ran a campaign, and the goal was achieved thanks to all sponsors and volunteers. Thank you very much!!


"I want to thank God for sending angels disguised as humans,

who through their professions, take care of us and our treasures. May God pour blessings without measure into everyone's lives. Remembering too, to thank the angels behind the scenes. Always grateful for everything Microcephaly, Love Without Dimensions and Fraternity without Borders."

Eliane Batista - Mother of Miguel Antony, welcomed by the project