Five years of Love without Dimensions

For 5 years this work has united science and love, in Campina Grande/PB. The children started receiving the treatment they need at the Center for Integral Care of Children with Microcephaly, at the Professor Joaquim Amorim Neto Research Institute. Today there is also a center in Belo Horizonte and a support center in Angola.

The project counts on a multidisciplinary team, formed by physical therapists, psychologists, and doctors, who attend the children, offering the families the chance of an adequate treatment.

In the video below you can learn more about Dr. Adriana Melo, physician and researcher responsible for the discovery of the association of the zika virus with microcephaly.


"Feijoada do bem" for fundraising

On August 21 there will be an action in the city of Campina Grande - PB, organized by the project, to raise funds. It will be a “feijoada”(typical Brazilian food) lunch to help the children hosted by the project. You can buy tickets for this action on Sympla.

Support for the Maceió pole ends its activities

The project Love without Dimensions suspends the services for children with Microcephaly of the work it performed in partnership with AFAEL (Family Association of Angels of the State of Alagoas), in Maceió. "The infrastructure and coordination of the work for children with Microcephaly came from Love without Dimensions. The pandemic had a big impact on the project and we were not able to sustain this help, but we keep fighting and helping children with microcephaly" explains the coordinator Romero Moreira. AFAEL continues its work in a limited way, which also has other fronts of action, and the expectation of Love without Dimensions is that one day it will be able to resume the partnership.


"I am Cauã Fabrício's mother,

he has microcephaly, and Amor sem Dimensões (Love Without Dimensions) has helped me a lot in my son's treatment due to the high cost, and also with donations of diapers and milk. Due to the lack of sponsors, sometimes some items are missing; but Amor sem Dimensões (Love Without Dimensions) has helped me a lot, I have also learned a lot, and even more in this period of pandemic.
I have no words to describe how grateful I am to Amor sem Dimensões and Fraternity Without Borders, because if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be able to have the proper treatment for my son. It has been a unique experience being with my son and his little friends."
Explains Jucy, Cauã's mother.

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