Youth in School

Our foster youth are coming up to high school. We have 1500 kids to start this new phase, and they are counting on us to get them enrolled. Therefore, we are running this emergency campaign, so that we can provide this beautiful and necessary opportunity to all of them. With only $40 BRL a young person can enter this stage. We have until February to reach this fraternal goal. Let's go together?


Barragem will have a new Reception Center

A new building for the Reception Center in Barragem, Mozambique, is under construction. Barragem was the first Reception Center of the FWB and is one of the largest of the Acolher Mozambique project, together with Matuba and Muzumuia. Around a thousand people are welcomed. It is the oldest Reception Center of the project, where the work of the FWB began. The activities are carried out in a rented house, until the center's own space will be completed. The construction of the new place is being carried out in partnership with Coup de Pouce Humanitaire and three groups of French caravanners. The groups will stay until March 1st, but the construction work will continue for the following months. A dining hall, kitchen, storage room, restrooms and eight rooms are being built.


Project receives caravanners from France

In January, the Welcome Mozambique project began to receive French caravanners, who came to Mozambique to help in the construction of the Dam, the project's first Reception Center, which was created at the beginning of the project, and which today operates in a rented space.
With the donation of a piece of land, the construction of a proper place has begun, and these caravan volunteers go with the objective of helping to build the structure. The volunteers were able to contribute with donations and construction.


Karingana is back

Translated to Portuguese, Karingana means "Once Upon a Time". The event held by the Welcome Mozambique project aims to expand the linguistic vocabulary of young people through stories. These stories rescue values and transmit life lessons. The youngsters' imagination is fed by logical reasoning with riddles and fun. The event has been held monthly since August 2022 and has already had its first edition in 2023.

Caravans 2023

If you want to get to know the work done by the Welcome Mozambique Project up close, you have the chance to participate in caravans this year. The first one will be the Health Caravan, from February 18th to March 1st. The focus is to offer consultations in several medical areas to beneficiaries. In the middle of the year, two more caravans to Mozambique will take place. This time, general caravans, the first one from June 13th to 24th, and the second one from July 15th to 29th


"I am Catholic, and I have always been a strong believer

I know a lot about the miracle of multiplication from what I read in the Bible, from what I saw in the movies, and there I saw and experienced every day the miracle of multiplication. So, when we multiply the projects, this is what Fraternity without Borders does, it multiplies the miracles of FWB actions. I came with a promise that, if I can, if it is necessary, I will spare no effort to multiply more and more what Fraternity without Borders does."

Rita Silva Siqueira - Sponsor/Godmother of the Welcome Mozambique