Music classes are back!

The music classes in all our centers are back with new features! This year the students will have workbooks for each instrument, according to the modules they are enrolled in. Videos of the classes have also been made so that the children can follow the lessons on TV, together with the teachers.

With this new methodology, it will be possible to forecast the progress of each class, to know what each teacher is teaching, and how the students are progressing. The result of the union of godfathers and godmothers who are following along with us! Grateful.


Orchestra receives new instruments

Christmas’ month brought surprises for the Fraternity without Borders Orchestra. In early December, the godmother Amanda Morais donated a classical guitar.
And on Christmas Eve, the orchestra's music teachers, Caio Fortunato and Mônica Bucelli, came to the FWB headquarters to receive symphonic violas and cellos donated for the 2023 classes.


Solidarity Celebration for the Orchestra

Did you know that you can receive the gifts of your celebration in a personalized link? This way, the resources arrive directly at the FWB and are destined to the project chosen at the time of registration. And the sponsor Emerson da Silva chose the FWB Orchestra for his solidary celebration.
Emerson's birthday party was on December 10, in Olímpia-SP. The guests could exchange the gifts they were going to give Emerson for a donation to the FSWB project, through a customized link for the date.


"I left the 5th meeting with the well-known Fraternity itch inviting

me to do more and always more. I met Graziela (a volunteer) on the plane on the way to Uberlândia, and because we recognized each other by the Fraternity t-shirt, we soon became friends. At the end of the meeting, she told me that she would try to raise instruments for the Campo Grande Orchestra.
I am a singer, I play the guitar, and music is my weak point, or better, my strong point. I thought about my violin, which was in the closet, and although it was a gift from a very dear friend in a delicate moment of my life, it was useless, because I hadn't managed to learn it. I thought of finding a use for it, and there was no other option but FSF.
Amanda Morais - Godmother of the Fraternity without Borders Orchestra project