New Project Phase!

Thanks to donations and sponsorships, the construction work planned to shelter children orphaned by the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has begun and continues to move forward. Some children are already being sheltered. And thinking about the maintenance of the project and keeping these and future shelters – with hygiene products, education, medical consultations, and decent housing – a challenge has been launched to reach more than a thousand sponsorships for the Orphans of Congo Project. Spread the word, and help us touch more hearts!!


The Steps of the Constructions

The project's first sheltering house and the aid workers' house are being finished, while the second and third shelters are being built.


The joy of the Children

The children hosted by the Orphans of the Congo project are smiling again. Especially now that the spaces made for them to play and have fun are almost ready. Even though some details are still missing, the boys and girls can now play on the playgrounds and courts. The children are also having regular psychotherapy sessions.

More children being Sheltered!

The project was able to take in 27 more orphaned children as a result of the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These children were rescued by pastors in regions of armed conflict and taken to a safe place. FWB was called in and immediately took in the boys and girls. Ten of them are suffering from extreme malnutrition.


Visit from Unesco

Members of Unesco's security department visited the Orphans of Congo. The first time they travelled from Canada to the African country was to learn about the work of FWB, through the works of the project coordinator, Maick Mutej. In the second visit, they got to know the project's actions.


Monusco in the Project

The Orphans of Congo received another visit, on March 20th, from the United Nations Stabilization Mission in the D.R.C. (MONUSCO), which sent 11 representatives to the project's headquarters for lectures and toy donations.


Meet Papa Bonifasse

This is Papa Bonifasse, who is 133 years old. He is married to Mama Marciana, who is 126 years old. Together they were going through a situation of vulnerability in the DRC and he came to the project to ask for a job. The couple was taken in and now we want to build them a decent house. Let's do it together, shall we?


“This is the first time I am Sponsoring

a project of Fraternity without Borders. I am very happy with the greatness of Orphans of the Congo and the benefits it provides! I used to think: 'Wow, how a simple amount can do so much with so little. Then my awakening to contribute came. Even from afar I can imagine the grandiosity of the project and the main thing, the human actions for human beings. Congratulations FWB for the humanization of the children of Congo!”

Adailson Vieira - Orphans of Congo Project Sponsor