The beginning of the Educational Center

In partnership with the Alok Institute, the Portraits of Hope project has managed to acquire a 46,300 ft² of land to build an Educational Center. We will set up there, an agroforestry, a community veggie garden, and a chicken coop.

The Educational Center will be a space to hold socio-educational activities and lectures, art and study practices, community meetings, music classes, and environmental classes. 


School supply collection

To help the children of the families sheltered by the Portraits of Hope project to go back to school, we made a partnership with the non-governmental organization Gerando Gentilezas (Generating Kindness) to ask for and receive donations of school supplies and make kits with textbooks, pencils, notebooks, rulers, pens, sharpeners, and other necessary materials. The action is still going on and has no date to end. Let's help our residents to start the 2023 school year! If you can and want, click on the link below and donate.


Housing Delivered

"It is a happiness I have never felt in my entire life". These were Adriana Brito’s words upon receiving her own house, made by the Portraits of Hope project. The house will be her family’s home and is the 28th house delivered by the project and the first built in Jacobina, Bahia.


Hygiene kits delivered

The women sheltered by the Portraits of Hope project, in the hinterlands of Bahia, received personal hygiene kits, containing sanitary pads, shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, donated by the non-governmental organization Gerando Gentilezas (Generating Kindness), and the community organization Absorver e Florescer (Absorb and Blossom). The delivery of these kits has been happening since April 2022, when the Portraits of Hope project signed a partnership with both organizations.


Solidary Christmas in Jacobina

Christmas 2022 was the first Christmas of Portraits of Hope in the community of Alto Alegre, in Jacobina, a city located in the extreme north of Bahia, 330 kilometers (205 miles) from Salvador, the state capital. The event was called Solidary Christmas and relied on donations from sponsors and food boxes sent by the Tarcila Bittencourt project.


Christmas Little Shoes

As crianças acolhidas pelo projeto Retratos de Esperança receberam presentes de Natal, entre eles, sapatos doados pela marca Puma. Resultado da parceria do projeto com a organização Play With Us Foundation.

Meet Mr. Joaquim

Mr. Joaquim has struggled all his life to have enough to eat, has never been to school, doesn't have a decent home, and lives in a situation of vulnerability. We want to build and donate a decent house for Joaquim and his family to live in. For this, we need everyone's help to raise $48,000 BRL. Share it with friends and family, so that more people get to know his story and help.


"A project I met in 2019 and in the same moment love was born.”

In 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, when everything was uncertain, I just asked God not to paralyze me, and he heard me. That was when I decided to live in Vila Esperança (Hope Village), I went there with no deadline to return, and I lived there for a year.

Without a doubt it was an incredible experience, and as I always say, I went there with love and came back with love overflowing.

Living in the hinterlands made me more human, it made me live love in the most genuine way. I loved each person that passed by me, and I still love them today.

From there I only keep love and gratitude, I brought with me more love, courage, faith, and the certainty that I couldn't have made a better choice than a year together with the community. As a sponsor and supporter of the FWB I am very grateful.”
Graziela Silva - Godmother/Sponsor of the Portraits of Hope project.