First Dental Caravan

In June, the First Caravan of Dentistry for the Portraits of Hope project took place in Vila Esperança, offering oral hygiene and treatment, educational workshops, such as the relationship with the environment, performing some actions with the children as the collection of garbage in inappropriate places. And with the help of the volunteer Sebastião Alves, a geodesic was installed, a toy used for motor and cognitive development of the children, and the idea is to implement it in other communities. Our hearts are filled with gratefulness for the availability of godfathers and godmothers who went to the backlands of Bahia to offer love to our beneficiaries.

Construction of Adriana and her family's house

In March we started a campaign to build a house for Adriana, who lives with her husband and daughters in a small house with only two rooms. She and her husband sleep on the floor so that their daughters can sleep in the bed. Through social networks, we were able to take a very unexpected step forward, and in April we started the project for Adriana's and her family's house. We have continued the work, and thanks to everyone's help, we are in the final stage of construction. And so we continue, hoping to deliver the best for Adriana: a house of great security, comfort and joy.


Initiation of Social Entrepreneurship

We started the production Doce da Vila, a project that encourages women to be social entrepreneurs. Besides making sweets, they also develop refrigerator magnets. The activity provides jobs and income for our residents. All sales are shared between them and the community we are serving.


Tutoring in Retirolândia

School tutoring is a way of helping children to have a better development at school. Through the Centro de Educação e Transformação Caatigueiro (CETC – Caatigueiro Center of Education and Evolution) in Vila Esperança, we daily seek to offer the best for our children!