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“I’m so happy to testify the efficacy of Fraternity Without Borders’ work in the lives of these people, who were originally fated to have nothing.

Today we can see that they already have food and basic care.

Every little victory brings us joy.”

Foto: Gustavo Arrais

Reynaldo Gianecchini heard about Fraternity Without Borders and, without a second thought, decided to help.

He became a supporter and sponsor after meeting Andrei Moreira.

A few years later, he decided to get closer to the project that made his heart beat stronger.

In 2017, he traveled with FWB to Mozambique, where he became acquainted with the Welcoming Centers, the culture and reality of the Mozambican people.
On that trip, the actor donated a well to the Chimbembe community, which today lives a different reality thanks to his initiative.

“It’s a beautiful experience because you go to a place where people have nothing at all, not even food, and it hits you in the face. We learned so much because they’re so accepting, and they’re much happier than us, who have everything.”