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There are many ways to help and participate in FWB





You can help maintain and ensure the continuity of Fraternity Without Borders humanitarian projects as a sponsor. Sponsorship is the monthly donation of R$ 50.00 or more for the purchase of food, health care, education, pedagogical and cultural activities, vocational training and also the structure and assembly of community centers. The sponsor regularly receives information on the evolution of the projects, has detailed access to financial statements and can participate on humanitarian missions to get to know closely the work that is being done by FWB. Choose the project of your heart and sponsor it. Together we can go further.    

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Single donation

Donate any amount you can

Single donations help to maintain the humanitarian projects of Fraternity without Borders. Who donates can indicate a specific purpose for the resource allocation or leave FWB management free to decide. Any amount donated is valuable and it helps make a better world.

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Humanitarian Mission

Join our Humanitarian

Traveling to get to know the children, the workers, and the day-to-day life in the community centers is to experience a fraternal life that you will treasure forever.

We organize humanitarian missions of volunteer sponsors to Mozambique and Madagascar, in sub-Saharan Africa and Roraima, Brazil. To participate you must be a sponsor and must be over 18 years old.

The simple intention of joining us is already a reason for great joy!

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Become a cause multiplier

You can help spread the cause by inviting more people to join the fraternity movement. To be a multiplier, you should know the projects well and sow with the heart, experiencing the values of the cause. Do you like this idea? So, contact us at so we can provide additional information.

We suggest reading FWB' Disclosure Guide in advance. 

Be part of this love chain.


Organize events in behalf
of the cause

Hosting an event helps to spread the word and raise funds for projects. You can organize bazaars, charity promotions and use your creativity to bring people together to embrace the cause. If you like this idea, please contact us, kindly, so we will inform you about some procedures and also check the best way to support your solidarity initiative.

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Share our posts on networks

We are on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Help by promoting, sharing. So we take the cause and messages of fraternity further, inviting everyone to work together for a better world.

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Being a volunteer

Doing a volunteer job is very rewarding. You can use your creativity for good, giving your time, talent and especially your love for those in need. Volunteers from Brazil and abroad serve humanitarian work in different activities. They make bazaars, crafts, sew dresses, translate texts, collect donations, transfer knowledge, offer workshops, spread the cause to the press, produce videos .. there is much to do for a better world! How would you like to help? Leave your idea here.


Fraternity without Borders is a collective movement that happens both for you and through you. Volunteers, sponsors, supporters, promoters, and friends create projects for acts that foster a mentality of fraternity and campaigns of different kinds for all FWB projects as well as partner causes. Clothes, flip-flops, toys, funds for the construction of reception centers, houses and more, are just some of the things that have been/are being collected by FWB campaigns and volunteers. We invite you to learn more and take part in this chain of love that needs your heart ♥

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