The feeling of fellowship is giving life to a new community. And that is another possible dream for us to dream together.

Take your thoughts to an environment of peace and service, where everyone recognizes each other as siblings,, and you will reach the Ubuntu Nation. It was built next to a refugee camp, located in Malawi, a neighboring country of Mozambique. It emerges igniting hope and inviting everyone to experience the serene joy of a new world.

The refugee camp next door has existed since 1994, although it was set up in an emergency moment of crisis. The vast majority of children and young people have no access to school, the food offered is insufficient, and there are no job opportunities offered or created.

Our ideal is to change life stories and offer children, youth, and the entire population of more than 52,000 refugees and Malawians in vulnerable situations a new way of life – a new opportunity. Little by little, we are presenting to them the proposal of coexistence and feeling the response from the heart of each one.

Ubuntu is a thought of love and all hearts willing to love are invited to be part of the community, learning and helping to build it. Everything in it is for the good of all. Instruction, food, training for work, production workshops, and, at the base, the ubuntu educational mentality.

The project develops agro-forestry, biochar, sewing and soap workshops that generate income for the beneficiaries and qualify them for work. Through these actions, the FWB has promoted jobs. In all, we have more than 137 collaborators.

The Ubuntu Nation project has 10 hectares of land to develop agro-forestry. There are 6 employees to carry out this activity with the objective of becoming sustainable in the production of food to supply the demands of the project itself, as well as to generate income through sales.

Yes, we want to change the world and we invite you to form together a single Nation. Sponsor this cause, help spread the word, be a volunteer. Let’s sow fellowship together.




Clarissa Pereira da Paz walked a long path of knowledge to reach the refugee center in Malawi. The trajectory of connection and love could well become a movie, but for this to happen an important piece of the story was missing – you.


They learn how to make biochar – the energy that comes from nature, provides income and is not harmful to health. The solution arrived in July 2018 in Madagascar, in Fraternity City – where 1500 briquettes are produced daily – in December of that year, in Malawi, offered with love by the volunteers and received with interest and dedication by the workers.

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Women refugees in Malawi need our help to feed their children.
They are surviving in one of the poorest countries in the world. War refugees, widows, alone with their children, women are desperate to get something to eat and to feed their children. In many cases, they have to surrender to prostitution and suffer ill-treatment in order not to die of hunger.


In 2021, the capacity to take in children at the Ubuntu School was expanded. The graduation of 90 pre-school students who went on to elementary school was celebrated. With the opening of the new classes, the children have the chance to continue their studies, new teachers were hired and received training and pedagogical training based on the method

Currently, more than 322 students are enrolled in kindergarten and elementary school, in addition to more than 60 babies the daycare facility. The children receive food, school supplies, and school uniforms.