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Hands that create dreams and draw hope. Hands painting smiles and plant good feelings in the heart of our children. Small drops of dedication that form an entire ocean of love: so it is the action Notebooks for Africa.

The initiative was born in the heart of the volunteer Ana Lucia Caetano and came to the Fraternity Without Borders (FWB). In 2015, after meeting the Organization at a congress, Ana Lucia created the action that aims to make covers for the children’s notebooks in Mozambique, one of the countries attended by the FWB.

In its fourth edition, the action Notebooks for Africa has only grown and brought joy to the small host who lives the reality of extreme misery. Few have the conditions to study or buy their study materials and that is why the FWB has embraced this cause with pulsating gratitude. 

How does it work?

For those interested in participating in the movement, it is important to know that any willing heart can create covers . Everything that is done with love comes in the form of hope to the hands of our little ones.
The covers are usually made of fabric or a strong paper that is coated by plastic. By contacting us stating your intention to cooperate you choose between 10 or 20 covers to produce.

We always suggest that you bring together a group to share the tasks at the time of making. The notebooks are purchased in Mozambique, so a cash donation of R$55 or R$110, respectively, is required. The amount collected is used to buy the notebooks and also help in transporting the covers to the villages.

The delivery of the material for children will be made, from 2019, by the educational humanitarian missions.

For you who want to participate in this movement of love, just send an e-mail to – we will send you all the instructions in more detail.