Fraternity On
The Street

Fraternity On The Street

To welcome, to transform.

The Fraternity in the Street Project acts in an expansion form in the creation, maintenance

and magnification of different work fronts in the transformation of homeless people in Brazil.

Among them, the partnership with Clínica da Alma (Clinic of the Soul) offers free treatment to homeless people, substance abusers. There is a work center in Campo Grande, MS, and others will be implemented following the same model to other regions of the country, such as Uberlândia, MG. Besides that, the FSF wants to offer free rent to families that are unemployed and homeless during the Covid-19, in São Paulo, SP; works on the creation of a Reference Reception Center, in Rio de Janeiro, RJ; and still, can support initiatives that already exist. It is exciting to know the overcoming and life renovation stories that this project can tell us.


And we can do so much more. They are our brothers!

The Fraternity On The Street Is The Result Of Joining Different Beliefs And Different Minds With A Common Goal: Love Without Borders.

To overcome one of the greatest social challenges of our time, drug addiction, the NGO Fraternity without Borders and "Clínica da Alma MS" teamed up and launched on Wednesday (25) last week a new project. It aims to host, treat and reintegrate people who suffer from drug addiction. The Fraternity On the Street will be maintained by the system of sponsorship, donations and mobilization of volunteers who wants to help the project.

The launch took place at the headquarters of the FWB in Campo Grande / MS and was attended by the coordinators, volunteers, friends and sponsors of this initiative.

"We had the joy and honor of knowing the serious work of Pastor Milton," said the president and founder of the Fraternity without Borders, Wagner Moura, speaking about the beginning of this partnership. "It is an honor for us to be instruments and multipliers of this work that has existed since 2007."

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