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Fraternity for children with microcephaly


A work that unites science and love, in Campina Grande, Paraiba, Brazil. The children receive the treatment they need at the Center for Integral Care of Children with Microcephaly, at the Professor Joaquim Amorim Neto Research Institute.

A multidisciplinary team, formed by physiotherapists, psychologists, and doctors, assists the children, offering the families the chance of adequate treatment.

The fraternity embraced the cause, which was born from the heart and dedication of the doctor and researcher Adriana Melo. She is responsible for the discovery of the relationship between the zika virus and microcephaly.

Fraternity for children with microcephaly


A Story That Unites Science and Fraternity

Scientific Discovery

In 2015, Brazil experienced an outbreak of babies born with microcephaly, but the public health system was not prepared to offer adequate treatment.

Moved by the helplessness of the mothers, volunteers, supporters, and sponsors, got together with Adriana Melo, Ph.D. to help.

Research also proves that the earlier the treatment starts, the greater the chance of overcoming the sequelae.


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