I am because we are.

The feeling of fraternity is giving life to a new community. And this is another possible dream for us to dream together.

Take your thinking to an environment of peace and service, in which everyone recognizes themselves as brothers and you will reach Ubuntu Nation. It is being built next to a refugee camp, located in Malawi, a neighboring country of Mozambique. It emerges sparking hope and inviting everyone to live the serene joy of a new world.

The refugee camp, next door, has existed for 24 years, although it has been installed to attend an emergency, crisis moment. The vast majority of children and young people do not have access to school, the food offered is insufficient and there is no offer or creation of job opportunity.

Our purpose is to offer vulnerable children, young adults, Malawians and all 38,000 refugees a better quality of life. Gradually, we are presenting them the proposal of coexistence and we are annalyzing the response of each one's heart.

Ubuntu is a thought of love, and all hearts willing to love are invited to be part of the community, learning and helping to build it. Everything in it is for the greatest good. Education, nutrition, training for work, production workshops and, especially,  the educational mentality ubuntu.

The formation work of the community is being coordinated by a heart naturally drawn to Malawi. Volunteer Clarissa, taken by the feeling of renunciation and devotion to her neighbor, promoted the first achievements for the local people and led by inspiration came to Fraternity without Borders.

We have already bought the land, however, our challenge at this moment is to build the structure needed to shelter those in need. The idealized architectural project aspires to make the Ubuntu Nation transform the realities of refugees in the world today.

Yes, we want to change the world and invite you to form a single nation together. Sponsor this cause, help spread it, be a volunteer. Let's sow fraternity.


Clarissa Pereira da Paz walked a long path of knowledge to reach the refugee center in Malawi. The trajectory of connection and love could well become a movie, but for this to happen an important piece of story was missing: you.