Congo Orphans

Orphan children living in a world of violence and vulnerability through the streets of Bukavu, Gum and other locations of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Every day, they fight to survive fear, hunger and hope to be seen with love! Thousands are helpless by conflicts installed in the country and your sponsorship can transform this reality and give them a new future!

The Area

The Democratic Republic of the Congo lives one of the worst food crises on the planet, with over 21 million people suffering from malnutrition. 43% of them are starving and many are on the streets.

Listen to these testimonies from those who live their childhood being torn apart by violence and hunger.

Our Actions

We aim to shelter orphaned children in extremely vulnerable situations on the streets of the Democratic Republic of Congo, mainly in the cities of Bukavu and Goma.

We run a shelter center to provide food, housing, education, medical care, and security for orphaned children, mothers, and pregnant women in the aftermath of armed conflict in the country.

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