Aqui você encontra o feedback dos projetos, histórias de realidade e fraternidade, depoimentos, resultados dos trabalhos da FSF e alguma reflexões importantes que temos que ter no dia-a-dia.


The center already assists children, mothers, and pregnant women in a situation of social vulnerability By Kethelyn Mara – FSF   The Fraternity Without Borders Humanitarian Organization (FWB) will be inaugurated the first reception center in the Orphans of the Congo Project, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa, in February. The space already
By Marco Antônio Cruz – FWB press   It was her birthday and Suely Amorim de Lima didn’t know if she turned 57 or 58 years old. But, a certainty of being born on December 17th, 1964. “Now that I’ve started studying again I will know for sure”, she said promisingly. The initiative of volunteers