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“I feel happy to be part of this chain of love.

I am reminded of Jesus’ teachings expressed in the parable of the Samaritan, which accurately reflects the activities and proposal of the experience of fraternity without any boundaries, geographical, religious, sexual, social or racial.

Sometimes I feel like the one who reaches out to someone who is lying on the road and at other times I feel like the one who is in need of helping hands to move forward, understanding that we all need each other.

In the words of the coordinator of this institution, Wagner Moura, we only have to say:

We are together!


Wellerson met the Fraternity without Borders in January 2014 during a visit to Campo Grande/MS, the NGO’s host city.

And for him, it was love at first sight.

“The idea of crossing the Atlantic Ocean breaking the barriers of place to help Africa involved me in such a way that in six months we were embarking for Mozambique”, he says.

 A dedicated partner to the cause, he currently coordinates the caravans of education and brings to the children of the Fraternity all his love and didactics.

“The caravans get stronger and stronger with the support of dedicated pedagogical workers who have added efforts  with us to take the activities of school reinforcement, values teaching, and so many other activities in the educational area”, he says.

Wellerson is also the author of the book Ubuntu, a work that tells a bit of the story of the more than twenty FWB sheltering units in Mozambique, bringing testimonials that thrill the heart and inspire the soul. 

The work presents all the emotion, the difficulty, the feeling of compassion and fraternity present in this movement of love for others that so many hearts have embraced.

All the money raised from the book sale is donated directly the the Fraternity without Borders.