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“This humanitarian feeling that Fraternity offers is what touches us the most. It’s an act of love, not a sociological act, it’s not an activity for saving from hunger, it’s an activity for dignifying human creatures through example.”. We are very grateful for Divaldo Franco’s presence in Fraternity Without Border’s movement. Master in the art...
“FWB has no ideological, social, religious or geographical borders and I think that is extraordinary. Where is Fraternity Without Borders at? They are where people require, where there is need. And that fascinated me since the beginning and that’s why I got involved, I felt my heart tied to this ideal.” Sister Aíla Pinheiro has...
“God has given us the condition of overcoming passivity and developing true and full love atitudes by acting. Each person that participates in this movement already feels in their hearts the soul warmer for the little they do. Imagine the strength in it!”. Rossandro Klinjey is nowadays one of the great friends of Fraternity Without...
“I’m very glad to see how effective Fraternity Without Borders’ work is in the lives of these people who were at first doomed to have nothing. Nowadays it is possible to see that these people are already provided with food and basic care. Every single victory we have is a joy”. Reynaldo Gianecchini has met...


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